Dres. Valkee

Two of Valkee’s study author names just did their Ph.D. at the University of Oulu: Ahmed Abou-Elseoud and Jukka Remes. Their publication lists look like that:



…and Remes


Both are not listing Valkee’s “revolutionary research” about the light-sensitive brain, although it would fit exactly: it was arguably done by them, in this time interval, and with the same team, on this topic.


So, why it is not there?

The answer comes in the Journal of the Finnish Medical Association. Junk publications are not accepted by Finnish Universities in a thesis. And that Valkee article is just such garbage. So far, nothing new.

The point is that they know what they are doing, and what their “work” is worth. Even the University of Oulu, which did accept a Ph.D. thesis about dowsing as a measure for electromagnetic sensitivity,* even the University of Oulu does not accept Valkee’s junk.


*after public outcry it was later re-checked and rejected spectacularly – otherwise, it would have gone through.

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