Do 87% of Valkee users recommend the product to others?

When Valkee was awarded the HuuHaa- (Humbug-) Prize in Dec 2012, the company reacted with a stream of apologetic press releases and the announcement of a public test. The result was presented in February 2013 on Valkee’s website:


Why would 69% of users possibly recommend the scam device to others? The answer is utterly simple: The company chose the participants, which had to apply (!) for participation.

The ads read:

So apply … ps. the chosen get bright light earbuds, to own them forever…

What results could we expect?

Strangely, with the launch of the Valkee-2 device, there appeared a 87% recommendation rate, allegedly from an user survey done in February 2013 by “Apex Healthcare Consulting”.

Just for the case that anyone really thought that’s a reliable number.

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