Depublished media files confirm: Valkee was an intentional scam

Many sources here are Finnish only. A shame, because Valkee’s own statements are often more telling than my texts. In the following video, their “CSO” Juuso Nissilä explains his breath-taking plans for Valkee, how to make a fortune out of pseudoscience. It was a presentation on the so-called Enterprise Forum 2.0 at the University of Oulu on May 17, 2011. The video was available at the University’s website for a time in late 2011/2012.

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Snippets from this 22 min. piece were used to make central points in our  YLE TV1 prime time program, MOT’s The Earlight Tale. After the broadcast in March 2012, the University of Oulu blocked access and later deleted the file. It was too obvious what happened here.

This was the only link to Valkee’s fraud from the University. All other claims about a partnership between Valkee and the University of Oulu come exclusively from the scam sellers.

Valkee scam Howto: Ideasta kasvuun. J… by earlightswindle

Valkeen “tiedejohtaja” Juuso Nissilä Oulun Yliopiston Enterprise Forum 2.0:lla, 17.5.2011. Valehtelun, salaliittoteorioiden, typerän ja manipulaation ilotulitus. Huom miten Nissilä heti alussa selittää, miksi hän ei ole enää toimitusjohtaja: Firmalla on kova vauhti päällä, ettei edes itse huomannut pestinvaihtonsa. – Hän sai juuri potkut koska ajoi firman konkurssikypsäksi.

Oulun Yliopisto poisti tämän tiedoston nettisivultaan MOT: Taru korvavalosta ohjelman jälkeen. Tämä oli ollut yliopiston ainoa vihje mahdollisesta yhteydestään Valkeeseen.

On March 13, 2012, the day after MOT, Nissilä was interviewed live on the phone by the local Radio Mega station (now sold). Asked if MOT was right or not, he confirmed all of the program’s facts: By declining to comment, avoiding direct answers, telling other things than asked, etc.

  • Is it proven that the device works? – It takes decades to build such an evidence base.
  • Is it correct that the researchers own shares in Valkee? – That’s normal in the (pharmaceutical & device) industry.
  • Is it bullshit or not? – No, we’ve clearly made a scientific revolution.

At 2:05 min, when asked if it’s true that Valkee’s biggest trial was negative, Nissilä claims we have several such big trials in publication, or undergoing statistical tests; Valkee has more big completed positive studies. – A bold lie. In contrast to other false claims by Valkee, for which one needs basic knowledge of scientific standards, this one is easily disproved by a mouseclick.

TV-ohjelmamme jälkeen Radio Megan haastattelussa Nissilä sanoo aluksi että Taru korvavalosta ei tosiasioista kertonut, ja sitten joutuu myöntämään että MOT:n esittelemät faktat ovat totta.

Kuitenkin Valkee olisi tehnyt tieteellisen vallankumouksen.

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