HumanCharger study done to counter critics, disappears again (X-mas special 4)

Dozens of hilarious details about Valkee Ltd’s HumanCharger scam go untold because they don’t warrant a full blog post. As a Christmas present, here are some of such pearls.

When Finland’s Valkee Ltd re-launched their earlight device in 2015 under its new name HumanCharger, there was an exceptional piece among all the PR articles which simply reuttered their press release.

Fierce Biotech criticism

This is the first placebo-controlled trial ever conducted for a bright-light device, the company said.[SIC!] The data may be designed, at least in part, to address allegations widely publicized online that the company’s product is a scam.

Stacey Lawrence of Fierce Biotech had a bright moment.

You may wonder how the company can be forced into a study because of this blog and a few articles elsewhere. And how could they possibly even succeed?

Simple as it is: Valkee bought the “evidence”. The study has disappeared from the net and Valkee’s websites again, but is still available in full from (PDF). The small-print in the last paragraph reads:

We would like to thank Clinius Ltd., an independent company, which conducted the study on behalf of Valkee Ltd.

The study is not done for any scientific purpose and as such unethical from the start. And it’s unclear who the real investigators were. Clinius is a company from Helsinki, Finland.


Stay tuned for the next part tomorrow, and the best of all on December 24th!

2 thoughts on “HumanCharger study done to counter critics, disappears again (X-mas special 4)

  1. I found the product helpful in terms of CMO/crainomandibular orthopedic effects. I had undergone an unnecesary whole mouth dental reconstruction, insisted upon by a dentist that I learned too late was incompetent . It resulted in the creation of a severe over bite. The effects of which has become problematic resulting from the aforementioned abnormal occlusal status. The light therapy has reduced the symptoms created by the overbite.

    1. I’d never ruled out the possibility of local effects. The light is producing an increase in tissue temperature and probably in local circulation. The craniomandibular joint is only a few centimeters away from the Valkee light source. Contrary to the light, which does not surpass the tissue structures, a heating effect may be more prominent and could possibly be beneficial.

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