Surprise: Elisa Oyj sells Valkee-succeeding Oura crap

Some twists in the Valkee saga still may surprise me. That one is hard to comment:



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The Oura ring is another gadget linked to unfounded claims, misleading advertising, and Valkee. Elisa Oyj‘s new Business Development Director is the former CEO of Valkee, and multiple Valkee employees now appear at Oura, which original name is JouZen Oy. Valkee’s co-founder is listed among the inventors of Oura’s founding patents. Among JouZen/Oura leaders is Petteri Lahtela, from Valkee’s Japan operations.

A so-called butt-on-bucket constellation, with helping hands by good old boys.

6 thoughts on “Surprise: Elisa Oyj sells Valkee-succeeding Oura crap

    1. …and -?

      A diet-lifestyle-trainer / paleo jerk, who propagates all kinds of BS. There are dozens of such “reviews” for Valkee, Oura, PowerBalance, whatsoever. Sure you got my point?

      EDIT: Haha! Gold quote:

      “I’m paranoid about chronic exposure to nnEMF and the idea of having a device emitting Bluetooth radiation 24/7 concerns me. Being able to set the ring to airplane mode is a big plus.”

      A very special expert. And, BTW, also Ben Greenfield is feeding the public pseudoscience about this “radiation dangers”. This is were Valkee HumanCharger, Oura ring etc. belong. In the hands of EMF sensing biohacked quantum mechanics.

  1. No doubt Oura measures something, so it works. So did the earlight, it had a light and it did fit into your ear.

    Unlike the famous Russian ass buzzer, which didn’t buzz nor fit..

    1. Btw they claimed for a while to measure respiration rate as well with the ring. When asked how this worked – of course, it cannot work with the Oura ring – they replied: we have algorithms, but those are proprietary and a business secret.

      It can be found in the crowdfunding comments and elsewhere. This was the point when I understood, that Oura not only has Valkee’s people, but also the same business methods.

      Petteri Lahtela was at Valkee’s board and led their Japan campaign. Heidi Jurvelin was once Valkee’s “research manager”, and so on.

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