“Institute for Microcirculation” materializes in Berlin (update)

This is a follow-up to my classic post about the fake “Institute for Microcirculation” in Berlin, which still has about 100 visitors/day (the post, not the “institute”).

As expected, the Institute now got own premises at the place spotted a year ago. BEMER International obviously used a small sum to make up a physical incarnation of the phantom institute. Here is what it looked like in December 2017:

And by the end of October 2018, the “institute” was opened to some visitors (screenshot from the imin-org.eu website).

The “extraordinarily modern and competent equipment … impressive, enabling completely new possibilities” was not yet unveiled. Some machines and staff are still needed to populate the place. There has not been any “research” published for 5 years.

The institute’s website is down already for a while, probably it will resurface in 2019.*

*update: it has resurfaced 15.1.2019.
Don’t hesitate to have a look at the intro video… poor but telling. No new equipment.
The other person is Dr.W.Niemer, Klopp’s long-time companion & old-age pensioner.


4 thoughts on ““Institute for Microcirculation” materializes in Berlin (update)

  1. Thank you for this information. I had some scammer trying to sell me on this. I dug up his info, once again, this joker works from home, and claims he cleans gas with big trucks, turns out all he is doing is selling a fuel conditioner.

  2. bonjou, j’ai trouvé la cause de l’ obésité et je voudrais modifié une machine bemer pour soigner la maladie directement. Merci.
    tony Michaud
    XXX-XXXX-XXX canada québec

    [phone no censored/-ed.]

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