Dr. Klopp dies, and BEMER confirms his “institute” had been virtual

Dr. Rainer Klopp, inventor of the BEMER method, has died. On Monday, May 6th, a sudden peak in blog visitor numbers indicated something has happened, and soon there were the first obituaries on Facebook and elsewhere.

One of these can be read on IMIN-org.eu, the website of the “International Microvascular Net”. Despite its name and self-description, it has nothing to do with microcirculation or vascular research or other scientific activities. It’s a BEMER International front-end, led by outsider physicians, fake doctors, homeopaths and crackpots (more on this on request, probably it’s self-evident to readers).

The obituary has a fine detail. It tells about Klopp’s “only recently completed Institute for Microcirculation“.

That’s clear and no misunderstanding. They, if anyone, know the truth. And that I was correct with my findings about the phantom institute. Hostile comments do not change the facts.


ps. Dr. Klopp is gone, but his genius lives on!

– Now in BEMERwater. I can assure everyone, it is as effective as BEMER therapy.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Klopp dies, and BEMER confirms his “institute” had been virtual

  1. My family members came across with BEMER few years ago. We had heated discussions where I was pointing to all the shady things that should raise red flags for anyone with common sense, but they defended it as if their life depended on it.
    For no apparent reason it came to my mind and I decided to google it to see if it still exists, on the same day you posted the update. It’s remarkable how easy it is to scam people all over the world, spread misinformation and no formal authority reacts. Freighting, actually.
    Thank you for exposing them

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