Dr. Klopp dies, and BEMER confirms his “institute” had been virtual

Dr. Rainer Klopp, inventor of the BEMER method, has died. On Monday, May 6th, a sudden peak in blog visitor numbers indicated something has happened, and soon there were the first obituaries on Facebook and elsewhere.

One of these can be read on IMIN-org.eu, the website of the “International Microvascular Net”. Despite its name and self-description, it has nothing to do with microcirculation or vascular research or other scientific activities. It’s a BEMER International front-end, led by outsider physicians, fake doctors, homeopaths and crackpots (more on this on request, probably it’s self-evident to readers).

The obituary has a fine detail. It tells about Klopp’s “only recently completed Institute for Microcirculation“.

That’s clear and no misunderstanding. They, if anyone, know the truth. And that I was correct with my findings about the phantom institute. Hostile comments do not change the facts.


ps. Dr. Klopp is gone, but his genius lives on!

– Now in BEMERwater. I can assure everyone, it is as effective as BEMER therapy.

11 thoughts on “Dr. Klopp dies, and BEMER confirms his “institute” had been virtual

  1. My family members came across with BEMER few years ago. We had heated discussions where I was pointing to all the shady things that should raise red flags for anyone with common sense, but they defended it as if their life depended on it.
    For no apparent reason it came to my mind and I decided to google it to see if it still exists, on the same day you posted the update. It’s remarkable how easy it is to scam people all over the world, spread misinformation and no formal authority reacts. Freighting, actually.
    Thank you for exposing them

    1. Total SCAM…corrupt upper management, including the current CEO Albert C. BOSCH – smoke and mirrors, hiring and firings, compliance issues, internal crime.
      Time to expose this international scam.

  2. This is a ridiculous scam made on a man whose life work in medicine was reduced to a lie. I’ve used BEMER for the past 3 years with AMAZING results. Search youtube and you’ll find testimonies from all over the world hoe BEMER has helped them.

  3. I too am an extremely SATISFIED customer of BEMER!! Before you cast all of this , incredibly destructive doubt – it would be nice to know what you’ve got to offer to replace Dr. Kleppe’s BEMER pro. As the survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury, hemiparesis, with coma, as well as a stage 2 cancer survivor, etc etc etc, all I can say is, you’ve got it ALL WRONG!! BEMER is not a cure! And it is not marketed as such! I’ve been using this AMAZING device for almost two years, and it has completely improved my health by giving my body what it needs to heal itself; by improving blood flow! Have you ever heard of a “Tens” unit? A widely accepted and approved and used everywhere device that does essentially the same thing… only that it only works one targeted area at a time, not systematically like BEMER. RIP Dr. K!!

    1. TENS has nothing to do with BEMER.

      And I’m writing only about proven facts. It’s an understandable but inacceptable affront to suggest that I’d be articulating opinions or I’d be doing this for some other reason than reporting of facts. What one makes of it, is another chapter. I’m not responsible for actions or misunderstandings by readers or BEMER Group.

  4. Hello,
    Are you a native German speaker? In the picture you marked something, but not the complete sentence and so you took it kind of out the context. It says: “ sein – erst vor kurzem – fertiggestelltes “Institut für Mikrozirkulation“ in Berlin-Buch“ and you obviously missed that they are talking about a book and not the institute.

    Kind regards

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