BEMER gets 2020 Flimflam Award

As the leading independent information source on the BEMER scam, it’s a great pleasure to announce that BEMER was bestowed this years HuuHaa-/FlimFlam award in Finland.

[Original link], In English:

Skepsis ry has awarded the 2020 Huuhaa Prize to
- BEMER Finland -
for the sale of very expensive pseudoscientific products.

BEMER Finland (Lifenet Oy) is BEMER International AG's company in Finland, that sells treatment equipment for “physical vascular therapy”.
In the marketing of BEMER devices, it is understood that they help in various inflammatory and painful conditions, migraine, cardiovascular disease, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and recovery from cancer, surgery, and cerebral hemorrhage. The devices are also marketed to caregivers of animals, such as trotting horses.

There is no convincing scientific evidence to support the misleading claims. Based on the analysis performed at Aalto University, the treatment mechanism proposed for BEMER devices based on weak electromagnetic fields is also not credible.

The treatment devices marketed by BEMER Finland cost thousands of euros, and the company has an annual turnover of about one million euros. On its website, BEMER Finland attracts doctors and therapists to become full-time or part-time “BEMER entrepreneurs”.

Skepsis ry believes that it is unethical to sell very expensive products with the help of pseudoscientific health claims as a treatment or prevention of serious diseases.

With the Huuhaa Award of the Year, Skepsis ry wants to provoke a discussion about the possibilities of the authorities to intervene in the misleading marketing of non-medical treatments and medical devices. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has previously raised concerns about the proliferation of such treatments, their lack of regulation, lack of oversight, and poor client legal protection. Skepsis ry hopes that the sitting government will take a position on the legislation on faith treatments.

Congratulations to BEMER, the award is well-deserved!

This is the second time, that a quack treatment which was debunked by this blog, gets the HuuHaa Award (the other being Valkee Ltd’s HumanCharger earlight device).

This blog had no role in the decision finding.

2 thoughts on “BEMER gets 2020 Flimflam Award

  1. Just got to say .. As to medical claims. I can’t say.
    I will say that It does affect the body.
    It puts me and others that have used the mat to Sleep…. sometimes within a few minutes.
    This is pronounced. So does this mean it relaxes you? It would seem so.
    Maybe an expensive way to take a nap but there is some truth to their claims that it affects the body in some manner.
    I use mine regularly. I like it .

  2. The whole discussion is not about “Does it work for me?”. Rerouting the debate towards this question is a red herring fallacy by appealing to personal or emotional consequences. What I am saying is: it may be true that the device puts you to sleep. However, the cause does most likely not lie within the device but within your head, resulting in a placebo effect. Your organism thinks it is getting a good treatment. This belive starts processes within your central and peripheral (i.e. vegetative) nervous system leading to a more relaxed organism. But all because you process information in an individual manner. NOT because a device processes your body. Do you get it? That’s why some people just don’t want to buy in such products. They are looking for the true cause of issues and health processes. Stay critical, stay educated, save some money. Regards.

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