This is a private website which has, in contrast to Valkee's, no commercial, ideological, (add here) interests and no relationships with third parties, neither personally nor financially (as you may infer from the poor technical quality). It is by now, Dec 2013, roughly 55% complete.

As the Valkee case shows, title and authority work well as substitutes for competence and integrity in Finland. I am not part of this system. This website works through facts - everything is verifiable through linked sources. There are more than 120 sources and references to prove my point (half already online), while Valkee has zero.

Valkee Ltd tells in comments to know my identity, but keeps it secret to avoid fact-checking by readers. The company has not been able to name a single false information on this site. Also, Valkee has never tried to sue me for any information.

Unfortunately, I have only a few hours every month to maintain this thing, so do not expect massive updates every time you visit. The changes are always linked from the index page as "last update", so you can check easily if there is something new here.

This work is considered to be 100% court-proof, and was registered anonymously to prevent random stalking. It may be signed when ready.


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