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Doubt is not a sign of intelligence.

- Juuso Nissilä, Valkee founder, CSO and ex-CEO, 17.5.2011 in a public presentation

We have made a scientific revolution.

- Nissilä on a reporter's question if Valkee is a scam, interview with Radio Mega after the bust, 13.3.2012

You have to remember, that those colleagues [!] who accept new research articles into the journals, they have their own paradigms and also connections to the industry.

- Nissilä on the question, why Valkee's "revolutionary research" is not published in scientific journals, 17.1.2012, YLE TV1

All medical devices will be like Valkee.

- Timo Ahopelto, Valkee's then-CEO, in his blog

[To do] this research, that's the basic task of an university. And the second task is to co-operate with the industry.

- Markku Timonen, MD, Valkee contract investigator

In depression, there is a considerable risk of suicide. Therefore, using a treatment, which is not backed by evidence, is ethically dubious.

- Guidance by the Review group, managed uptake of medical methods, National Institute of Health and Welfare
(not specifically about Valkee)


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