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Sep 5 2013: Valkee "answers", and meets Barbra Streisand.

At the end of August, people were tweeting a link to this site. Valkee's CEO, Pekka Somerto, got nervous and started spamming those who shared the URL. On August 29th, Valkee made an official statement on it's Facebook page. It did not contain the link, and had no factual information, just like some random politician- or commercial-style press text:


This website has never accused Valkee of selling an unapproved product. No need to fight, but wait, they're not fighting facts. Reads more like he is getting his own record straight.

Is it then nothing more than an earlamp, "tested properly" like my toothpaste or a toaster, which got the CE mark and was then approved, without proof of efficacy, which was not even required? Because this is what really happened. Is Valkee's CEO finally admitting, that they have no evidence other than user testimonials? Because this is the case. 

On Twitter, Somerto said to know the identity and "the motives of the author" well, at least enough to try to disrepute this site.


However, it was a bad idea in every sense. People wanted to know what Valkee's CEO is talking about, and there was a cascade of re-tweets and discussions spreading the information. This tiny, ugly, incomplete website rose up to the same Google ranks as Valkee, making it easily accessible for others.

Traffic peaked at 4000 visitors/day, from 20 before. Earlightswindle.com reached rank 2 on the english google.com, which it had kept so far, for the search term Valkee.

Many people have asked Valkee, what is misleading or false on my site here. There is still no answer. Instead Somerto says "we will not start correcting every single false accusation". We are right, he is wrong, but we'll never tell you why. Valkee has been known for this for years. Where were Valkee's well-paid media contractors consultants and marketing experts to prevent this from happening?


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