The following information stems from the Finnish Trade Register and the yearly financial statements/balance sheets.

Important: The 2014 data is not yet included.

VALKEE OY (Osakeyhtiö, Ltd.) is a private company from 90590 Oulu, Finland. It was founded on Feb 19, 2007, and entered the register on Apr 3, 2007. It's purpose is "technology research, product development, manufacturing, consulting, (...) healtcare and treatment, medical and other research". The only known marketed product is their "light headset" called Valkee NPT 1x00 (x being a number).

As of Jan 7, 2013, Valkee's CEO is Pekka Somerto (since spring 2012). Timo Ahopelto held the post by mid-2011, taken from Nissilä. Long-time substitute Antti Aunio. The board:

Former board members include


Valkee Oy starts with 6.000€ capital in 1.000 shares (6€/share). Loss 3000€.

15.000€ revenue and a loss of 4.000€.

7.000€ revenue and 89.000€ loss. 3 persons reported to work for Valkee.

For the first time, real money comes in: Revenue 495.000€. Loss 571.000€. 12 employees.

Revenue nearly triples to 1.429.000€. Loss widens to 602.000€. 20 people now working for Valkee. Free cash down to 76.000€ per 29.02.2012, and 1.252.000€ debt. With the need to pay rent and wages for their employees, Valkee urgently needs fresh money to survive.

On March 12, 2012, the MOT program airs, sales crash.

Valkee's capital is now 113.697,00€ in 1776898 shares (6,4 cent/share), and at least 110.000 stock options.

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